Selling is NOT a Spectator Sport!

Aug 22, 2018

Learning something like math or history or accounting requires only that we learn something new ... that we memorize some new information. That is easy, requiring one time instruction combined with some type of homework, so that we 'learn' the information. HOWEVER, selling is NOT simply a spectator sport!

Yes, learning new information for the Best Practices IS an important part of our being successful. Change is not JUST about information - it's requires transformation, too. It takes time to play piano, or learn ballet or to play the guitar! Acting or singing or selling are the same, too. Successful selling has a lot of moving parts - Skills, Market Knowledge, Systems and Value are all essential 'pieces of the puzzle' required to consistently generate new clients!And that requires time and patience and continued practice!!

It's more than just 'knowledge' ... it is about your 'transformation' into a professional salesperson!!

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