Is Real Estate a Good Investment ... with Rising Rates?

Oct 21, 2018

Rates are rising! 

The Media was warning about a bubble!

So is home ownership still a good idea?

We're going to break that down and empower you to help your buyers make better decisions

This is the kind of market where buyers are wondering “Should we buy rates are going up since the media says that prices are going down”.

We have the lowest rates we've had in a long time but people under 40 of only experience these low rates they don't know what 10% or 12% or even 15% mortgage interest rates are like.  I was on a coaching call today just this morning with somebody you said there were thrilled when they got their loan approved at 16%!

We are under 5% today but the people you will be working with have NEVER experienced higher rates and they're going to get scared away from the market ...

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